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360 Degrees Electric Toothbrush for Kids

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Product features:

1, Food-grade Silicone, Soft And Does Not Harm Gums.

    Two types of brush heads for 2-6 / 7-15 years old can fit the teeth in all directions,

    protect the enamel, and bring a comfortable brushing experience

2, Cleaning Modes To Meet The Use Of Different Periods:

    (1). morning mode; (2). night mode; (3). Mute tooth cleaning mode.

    59 s scientific timing for each brushing, it stops automatically,

    Parents don't have to face to face to urge children to brush their teeth.

3, Magnetic Levitation Sonic Cleaning:Focus on the development of low-amplitude vibration motors

    that are more suitable for children

4, Short Axis Magnetic Suspension Motor:Light weight and short wheelbase,

    specially designed for children, reduce the burden on teeth,

    and also have the function of swinging up and down

5, USB Fast Charging:Charge for 2 hours, can last for 20 days.

6.The kids electric toothbrushes IPX7 waterproof sealing design is adopted and can be rinsed with water. The toothbrush head is removable and replaceable.

   You can crop as needed, makes your toothbrush convenient, durable, and easy to be cleaned.

7.Blue light disinfection, clean sound wave 8000-20000HZ

Kindly Noting:

This product does not provide toothpaste, you can purchase toothpaste separately, thank you for your understanding.

The picture shows that the spare parts of toothbrush heads only have toothbrush heads, not electric toothbrushes.

Using Method:

1, Rinse the silicone brush head of the toothbrush with water before brushing.

2, Squeeze out a bean-sized foam toothpaste on the left, right and center of the front and back of the U-shaped toothbrush,

3, Put it in the upper and lower teeth of the mouth, and gently fit it on the socket, hold The body swings back and forth until it touches the big teeth on both sides, until the toothbrush stops working.

4, After rinsing and brushing, rinse the U-shaped toothbrush with clean water, wipe the body with a dry cloth or paper towel.

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